Islamic Wills USA brings you customized estate plans in three simple steps:

  • Book a Seminar

    Step 1

    Our team of consultants can provide seminars ranging from one hour to one day to help your religious organization, nonprofit or private group understand the Islamic and secular components of estate planning. We have conducted hands-on sessions (for smaller groups) as well as lecture-based seminars for larger gatherings.

  • Market the Seminar

    Step 2

    Our communications team will help you put together the necessary marketing information (pamphlets, online blasts, etc.) to help you ensure you reach your intended community and maximize the returns for this informative session.

  • Attend the Seminar

    Step 3

    Our team specializes in engaging audiences and providing simple, easy-to-understand guidance on secular and Islamic estate planning. Depending on the group size, we can help you locate and execute state-specific documents (e.g., powers of attorneys, free Islamic wills, etc.) and help you understand when you may need assistance from a local attorney.

All fees charged are donated to a local mosque or non-profit in consultation with the seminar’s organizers.